Xbox One Insiders Alpha Ring Available With 1704 Build

Those lucky few to find themselves on the Alpha ring of the Xbox Insider program are now receiving a first taste of the new features of the premiere 1704 build Microsoft is pushing to its gaming console. These are a few of the reported features, some of which have also been announced by Microsoft in the past.

My Games and Apps

The ‘My Games and Apps’ section will offer an option that allows users to filter their game library by platform, namely Xbox One or Xbox 360. Also, in the Setting, an option to selects Kinect auto-zoom for Beam or Twitch broadcasts and the Skype app will be made available. Xbox One will also have a Captive Portal support for wireless internet, allowing for WiFi authentication through a browser.

Arena on Xbox Live

Great news for World of Tanks players: you will now be able to participate in new tournaments created by ESL. The new tournaments available on your Xbox One are powered by Arena on Xbox Live. Windows 10 Xbox app users will also get notification for their matches and they can jump directly into the match on Xbox One.

Profile and Activity Feed

If you felt like you needed a personalized account, good news! You can now update your gamer pic to a custom selected image. This was the top-fan requested feature and will now be brought to Xbox Live. On top of that, your gamer profile will now display your Arena tournament history, as well as upcoming tournaments. And, of course, as per request, now you can hide individual posts in your Activity Feed, as well as pin posts you’re most interested in to the top of the feed, and filter posts by games, clubs or friends.

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