Best 5 Gmail Tools and Features for an Easier Use

One of Googles’ crowning features is without a doubt its e-mail system – Gmail. Although it is used around the world by millions of people and it’s prized for its sleek design and simplicity to use, there are a lot of features it has that most users are sometimes not aware of. In this article we are going to explore 5 Tools and Features you can use to improve your experience while using Gmail.

  • Deleting sent e-mails

Although it is impossible to actually Delete a message which has already been sent and received by another person, Gmail has an implemented feature which could help you undo an e-mail sent by allocating a certain amount of time before the e-mail is actually sent. It is done by going into the Settings tab of your Gmail account and ticking the Undo Send option and selecting the 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds time. Note that once the period set has expired there is no way you can stop the e-mail from being sent.

  • Blocking Spammers

There is virtually no mail system which is safe from Internet spammers and they can range from simple companies trying to advertise a product to downright obscene mails filled with malware. Sometimes unsubscribing from these e-mail senders isn’t enough and you still receive some from time to time. Gmail features a block option to help you prevent this from happening. Simply open an e-mail, make sure you do not click any attached files or links, access the triangle button on the upper-right side of the e-mail and click on the Block ‘’X’’ (X being the name of the sender). This way the sender will be blocked permanently from e-mailing you.

  • Schedule e-mails at particular times

This is not a native feature of Gmail itself, however, there is a Gmail plug-in you can download named Boomerang which does exactly what is described in the Subtitle. Namely, you can schedule for an e-mail to be sent at a later date. It is a safe and trialed plug-in and it doesn’t represent a security risk to you or your senders.

  • Using Multiple E-mails from Gmail

Many of us have multiple e-mails they use for various purposes and it sometimes can become bothersome to switch between them or keeping track of them. Gmail offers a way for you to keep track of all your e-mail accounts by integrating them within Gmail itself.  To do this, you must access the Settings tab on the upper-right corner of the Gmail Window, select Settings again from the drop down menu and the Accounts and Import Tab will have to be opened. From there you can add new e-mail accounts, import your e-mails, check contacts and even the Send Mail As option with which you can send from Gmail e-mails from one of your imported accounts.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

There are a few cool shortcuts you can use while operating Gmail to help cut down the time you spend using your mouse. Again, you must access the Settings icon, Settings from the drop down menu and then look for the General tab, and look for the Keyboard Shortcuts option and turn the option ON. Some of the Shortcuts provided are: C – compose new e-mail, Shift + C – compose e-mail in new window, J – scroll down to older e-mails, K – scroll up to newer e-mails, E – to archive e-mail, Shift + # – send e-mail to the Trash bin, / – type in the search bar, A – reply all, R – reply individually.

These are some of the Tips and Tools that will hopefully improve your experience while using Gmail. While there are more available within Gmail, these are the ones that should improve the overall experience for every user.

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