Facebook Messenger Leaks About Windows 8.1 Block

This week, Facebook Messenger users might not be able to use this application anymore. Despite having around 1 billion users on average per month, rumors are starting to show up that Facebook is preparing to stop its software support for a number of smartphones available on the market.

This drastic stop in support will affect millions of users and force people to upgrade their phone in order to continue using the application. However, this change does not affect Android and IPhone owners.

This apparent block in support will be targeted specifically smartphones which used the now dated Window Phone 8.1 operating system. This news comes fresh in regards to the fact that Skype (another popular communication app) has also cancelled its support on the 8.1 OS. Facebook has apparently started notifying Messenger app users who are still subscribed that they will cancel support for it.

According to the message, the application will stop being supported at the end of March and users will not be able to send or receive messages anymore unless they update the Facebook application to the latest version.

What Facebook seems to be doing, despite this stop in support for Messenger, is to offer some new advanced features. More specifically, they are adding in the Stories app for iOS and Android applications. This new feature, inspired by SnapChat, will let users sum up and review their week with photographs, short video clips, GIFs and so on. Also, the platform will be adding a bundle of new sticker packs and animation optios.

The most obvious reason for this block in the Messenger option is due to the market share which in 2015 stood at a considerably low 1.2% market share and ending up in a 0.3% share at the end of Microsoft’s Q3 2016 financial quarter.

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