GTA 5 Online Updates With Map Expansion and Special Vehicle Circuit

In the last month, the Internet seems to have gone crazy over speculating about the potential release date and possible upgrades of the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, namely the elusive GTA VI. However, the current version is still very much alive and kicking, and Rockstar plans to deliver a steady stream of updates to it in the following weeks.

As of last week, Rocksta have taken to dropping steady bits of upgrades for GTA 5 Online. This will be done in anticipation of the launch of the gun runner DLC content that is in the works as we speak for PCs, PS4 and Xbox One. While that’s not arriving yet, the following weeks will be filled with bits and bobs of new stuff made available for GTA 5 Online players.

The New Updates GTA 5 Is Set to Receive

These updates will include new vehicles, as we saw last week with the new 430,000-dollar ride, as well as addition tools for the Content Creator, which include The Hijak Ruston. On top of that, Stunt Races received a very substantial addition, namely the Rocket Voltic, Blazer Aqua and Ruiner 2000, which have been introduced through the Special Vehicle Circuit update. These new amazing vehicles have also received a series of props to highlight their abilities, such as Boost Refills, Explosive Crate and Hurdles.

Exciting New Maps

But perhaps the most exciting update GTA 5 Online is set to receive is the addition of two new map expansion projects. While fans are currently working to bring the original Red Dead Redemption map to GTA 5, along with GTA 4 Liberty City maps, the developers are planning to make Red Dead Redemption an official map of GTA 5. This update will be announced at a later date, alongside another batch of new, exclusive content.

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