GTA Online Updates Features and Browser Options

Undeniably the GTA 5 is perhaps one of the most anticipated games ever. The thing with this game is the fact that there is a lot of information coming our way in quite a short time. The developers are constantly adding new vehicles, properties, weapons or game mechanics, which is not bad at all. However, the existing content is not as improved and changed. However, there are some features which many fans would like to see in the game.

Session and lobby browser options

At the moment, it’s quite a thrill to find lobbies in GTA Online. Fans think that as a player, you should be able to host lobbies in a controlled manner and also gain access to several tools and options which you could also find in the multiplayer mode in GTA 4.

Block NPC calls

The problem here is that some of the NPC contacts you have on GTA Online have a connection to several game mechanics and it seems that they have nothing to do better than to annoy the main character with phone calls. Bad news: you can’t disable the calls, or not now at least.

Redesigned passive mode

Theoretically, the passive mode should make the game pleasant for people who are not interested in PvP. It is also an easy way if you want to solve a griefer problem if you get killed in Hydra. A good idea would be a revamped passive mode that deactivates automatically when you enter a weaponized vehicle.

Background processes

Whenever you want to play a heist, you have to wait for the loading screen. Sit in lobby, loading screen. The solution here would be for the processes to run in the background, instead of asking players to wait there.

Pay when you leave

Fans have been asking to have a preview of the changes you make to the vehicle, and only pay upon leaving.

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