Skype For Business Update With New Dashboard Features

It seems that the IT administrators who take care of a “fleet” of Skype for Business users will now be able to diagnose and fix the problems that they find or that are reported, more easily.

It seems that Microsoft has already released a BETA version of the new Call Analytics Dashboard on Monday. This new feature is supposed to help admins with diagnosis of issues that the users are having with a particular call.

You should know that there are many issues that could mess with the quality of a call and this is the reason why these analytics are very helpful. For example, if someone complains about a call only working intermittently, it would be very hard for an admin to diagnose if the issue is caused by Microsoft’s infrastructure, the network connection, head or anything else.

This means that thanks to this new dashboard, many companies will probably start to migrate from their legacy communications infrastructure to Skype for Business. This is because the admins will quickly understand the issues that they have during a call and that they can fix them quite fast.

Microsoft has also added two new features that will help the call centers. One of the new features is Auto Attendant, which allows businesses to setup a system of menus that the callers are able to navigate using their phone keypad (example: “For product warranty, press 1”).

The call Queues are built for customer service hotlines, where there are groups of Skype for Business users that could answer the same incoming call. This feature will place the customers into a queue based on when they’ve dialed in and they are then automatically added to the next available employee.

We remind you that these two new features are only available for companies that are using Skype for Business’s Cloud PBX feature, which is included in the premium Office 365 E5 subscription.

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