WhatsApp Web 0.2.3951 Update With Additional Dialog Box and More Features

With WhatsApp Web now available for both windows and Mac systems now, the desktop version of the beloved instant messaging app is more popular than ever. And with the recent upgraded version that the developer team has launched, WhatsApp Web 0.2.3951, many more amazing features that will improve user experience tremendously are now available worldwide. Besides all new features, the new version also comes with an additional dialog box in which you can find the most popular GIFs.

New Features

WhatsApp Web users can now easily see the most popular GIFs on the app in the emoji menu, which now has an extra dialog box dedicated to them. When clicking the tab, a highlighted GIF list will appear, and you can easily send them to your friends of group chats anytime you want.

But besides the most popular GIF menu, what else is new on WhatsApp Web? Well, for one, the new web version has a unified emoji keyboard, and all sections are connected to each other. This way, you can quickly browse through the list and find your desired emoji. On top of that, now you can easily report spam in groups, and be notified if a number in a chat group is no longer valid.

Future Improvements

The WhatsApp developer team have big plans stored for the future. One of their main goals is to optimize both the mobile and the browser versions of the app for business users. One step towards that was to make WhatsApp Web available on both Mac and Windows, given the fact that some business users definitely prefer Apple computers. The developer team won’t stop here, because it is known how important optimizing the app is, especially in order to allow business users to assert the maximum level of reach possible.

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