Google Hangouts, Gmail and Google Talk Updates Come With Changes

We all know that Google has a huge products portfolio, but this can also turn to be quite confusing for users, since some apps overlap and fulfill the same functions sometimes. On the occasion of the most recent Google Cloud Next, the company announced some new things regarding the future of some of their apps, namely Gmail and Hangouts (the business versions), as well as the G Suite users.


One important change they are bringing to Hangouts is the fact that it will not be compatible with the SMS service anymore. You will now see a prompt asking you to switch to a different app, such as Android message, in case you still want to use this feature. However, keep in mind that switching to a different app will not affect your previous messages, since you can find all the SMS there. By May 22, this functionality will disappear.

Google Talk

Google Talk is slowly becoming obsolete and is heading towards being transitioned to Hangouts. If you are still using this app, you will receive an invitation to switch to Hangouts, and starting with June 26 you will do this automatically. Even if you’re using the app individually or inside Gmail, you will still have to make this transition.


Gmail is now preparing to get the Gmail Add-Ons feature, and as this process is being developed, the team will retire some Gmail Labs features, among which we will find the Google Voice Player, the Authentication Icon, Pictures in chat, Picasa previews, Quick Links, Smartlabels, Quote Selected Text and Yelp previews. Moreover, you will not be able to email Google+ profiles and you won’t have access to Google+ Circles anymore. All these changes with the Gmail service will take place after April 24, so you can still take advantage of them by then.

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