HTC One A9 Update to Android 7.0 Nougat Available in More Countries

More than a couple of months ago, the HTC One A9 smartphones found in the US started receiving the Android 7.0 Nougat update. Now, it’s time for the newest OS version to reach the One A9 devices sold in Europe. The rollout should arrive soon to everybody, so if you’re one of the owners and bought your phone from Europe, whether it is unlocked or from a particular carrier, you should manually check for updates. You may still receive a notification soon if you don’t want to check for updates on your own.

Update details

After you download and install the update, you will notice that you are using the software version 2.17.401.2, belonging to Android 7.0 Nougat. There is also a security patch level, the one released on February 1 this year. One fun thing about the update is the fact that back in October 2015, HTC promised that they would offer their users the update within two weeks (more exactly, 15 days) after the Nexus devices got their update. A brief Google lookup shows us that the Nexus devices received the update in August 2016, so they didn’t quite keep the promise.

Their declaration was quite controversial at the moment, and all the more since they weren’t very clear about it. For example, many people were asking themselves whether the company talked only about the US devices, since their US subsidiary made the statement, or will they make this available for the phones all over the world. Moreover, they did not clarify if this amazing feature referred only to major updates or it included the .x ones.

All in all, it seems that it had been merely a promise in vain, since the company did not keep it at all. This may even make them lose their credibility, which would be a bad step for them.

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