Microsoft Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5 Release Date Still Unknown

Microsoft is planning a big hardware event by the end of this spring. Unfortunately, what they don’t seem to be planning anymore is announcing the long-awaited Surface Book 2 laptop and the new Surface Pro 5 tablet.  Surface Book 2 was rumored to be quite different from its previous version released at the end of 2016, so skipping it might not be a tragedy. On the other hand, Microsoft has prepared a new Surface device that still remains a mystery.

The launching of both Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book is already older than a year, and this is quite a long time considering the age of rapid device evolution through which we ride. The Surface Studio was announced late in 2016, and that’s why we got our hopes high for some new tablets by the end of this spring.

Lately, we haven’t been hearing anything new about the Surface Book 2 or the Surface Pro 5 and it seems that the Surface Book 2 is definitely not ready to be announced just yet. Expectations also include unveiling some new devices with major Windows 10 updates; we’re talking about the Creators Update. Heck knows what it could be, as the Surface Studio is obviously out of the question.

Microsoft’s announcement list might also include Redmon’s answer to Google’s Chrome OS – the locked down Windows 10 Cloud Edition.  This could bring restricted access to what you install on devices: Windows Store apps and UWP apps. Considering all of these, we tend to think that Microsoft is planning on announcing some sort of cloud book. They might also be considering renaming the Windows 10 Cloud Devices, and using the Surface Book name instead.

Anyway, you’d forget about seeing a new Windows 10 tablet in April.

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