OnePlus 2 Update to Android 7.1.1 Nougat Comes With Improvement and Fixes

Recently, people spotted on Geekbench the OnePlus 2 model running the latest Android Nougat version, namely the 7.1.1. The device is currently being tested while running this software, and this can mean that soon we will be getting the final version for it. However, before getting too excited, you should take into account the fact that it is just a benchmark spotting, not an official announcement. This is even more so since OnePlus did not make any announcement regarding the timeframe for the latest OS version to this particular device.

Previous versions

Up until now, the most recent update OnePlus offered to its users (and could be flashed manually) is the Oxygen OS 3.5.8, which comes together with the March Android Security Patch, but no word on Android Nougat yet. For now, whoever owns an OnePlus 2 smartphone still has to use Android Marshmallow, which is not a bad OS, but definitely Nougat comes with some improvement and fixes for its older issues. Some of the most appreciated improvements regard the battery life changes, for example.

Release date

The sad news is that there’s no official release date scheduled for this upgrade. Even though it’s highly likely that the OnePlus 2 will receive the Android Nougat OS, and the system is definitely capable of supporting a newer version, we have no other information about when will OnePlus decide to roll it out. We don’t know when the team has started to test out the Nougat version for this device either.

However, given the fact that the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T have received their Android Nougat updates since March 16, probably the team did not prioritize OnePlus 2 updates so much, since it’s older than the other two products. Truth be told, it’s natural for them to prioritize the newer phones more than the older models.

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