Pokémon GO Update Came With More Bugs Than Fixes

Pokémon Go is not as popular as it was once it was released, but it seems that the developers have just messed their game even more with the latest update that has been released a few days ago.

We remind you that last week, the company has added the Water Festival event and a few days later, it brought the Shiny Pokémon into the game. It seems that this update has rolled out along with some bugs that the players have never seen before.

The good news is that these bugs are not that major, which means that the game still runs without any big problems. However, the bugs are still quite annoying for anyone who still plays this game.

Below we will list some of the bugs that the gamers have reported:

  • The “Nearby” tab will sometime go blank, as if you are going over the game’s speed limit;
  • Some standard actions will take longer than usual (such as: Pokémon spawns load slowly on the map, PokeStop Photo Discs spin like forever and Pokémon takes longer to load after tapping on it);
  • The game will randomly crash when you are trying to scroll through a gym too fast;
  • The low battery notification for Pokémon Go Plus is messed up and it will lead to connectivity problems.

However, there are some temporary fixes for some of these bugs. For example, you can open and close the Journal to reload the “Nearby” tab or replace the battery if to the Pokémon Go Plus to solve the connection problems. In addition, you can always roll-back to the previous version of Pokémon Go until Niantic will fix these issues.

If you roll-back to the previous version of the game, you will still be able to participate in the Water Festival and still catch the shiny Magikarps, but you will notice that the minor UI addition that this update has brought will not be available.

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