Apple iOS 10.3 Update Available With Essential Features

After launching 7 beta versions, Apples has finally managed to release the iOS 10.3. Take your time to consider all its specs before deciding upon an upgrade.

Target Audience

iOS 10.3 is dedicated to all devices compatible with iOS 10: iPad 2 and later versions, the iPhone 5 and later versions, iPad mini 2 or later versions, iPad Pro products, and the 6th gen iPod touch and later versions.


You should know that iOS 10.3 can break all jailbroken devices, so if you want one, you should go for it. What’s more, iOS 10.3 seems to be able to fix the 30% battery bug. True or not, this shouldn’t stop you from upgrading, no matter if you are affected or not.

Essential Features

  • Find My iPhone – helps you track your lost device by playing a requested sound;
  • CarPlay – offers shortcuts in your status bar and quick access to apps;
  • Siri – helps you check your bill status, and it also offers support for paying in payment apps; it also accesses car maker’s apps’ functionality;
  • iTunes – finally you can enjoy movie rentals;
  • Maps – helps you search your parked car, check the weather and the temperature;
  • Settings – offers a broad view of Apple ID account info, settings & devices;
  • Home – if offers scenes’ support, using buttons and accessories, showing battery level status;
  • Calendar – it helps you delete invites and you can also prevent spam, by reporting them as junk;
  • Podcasts – it offers support for Today widget and 3D Touch; you can now access updated shows and also share episodes to messages, enjoying playback support;
  • Another big hit is introducing the Apple Files System which is more efficient in saving space, enabling backups and security issues.

iOS 10.3 seems to be one of the most mindblowing updates Apple has released in a while. Even if there’s still room for improvements, you should definitely consider upgrading.

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