Clash of Clans vs. Clash Royale – Differences in Game Progression and Monetization

Supercell game development company boasts two of their finest works “Clash of Clans” and “Clash Royale” – two worldwide popular mobile games that have attracted massive hoards of fans.

Both of them show similarities when it comes to game elements, sharing the same producer. Players usually play both games at the same time, or they stick with only one of them. The last category is motivated by monetization, game progression, freshness and also skills.

Game Progression

In “Clash of Clans”, the player can always evolve their base by upgrading the walls or their defenses.  This element of progression is missing from “Clash Royale”.

Progressing is very easy in “Clash of Clans”, and it requires raiding others, looting their resources, and finally using them for upgrading the village. In “Clash Royale”, on the other hand, the players have to wait until their hair turns grey for a chest to unlock. The minimum waiting time is 3 whole hours! This definitely slows down players’ progression big time.


In “Clash of Clans”, players can choose if they spend their money or not therefore we can say that monetization is quite reasonable. Some players think that in “Clash Royale:, monetization is a bit too hard. You have to spend over $14,000 to max out everything in the game. The most ridiculous thing is that without using the cash, you’d have to spend 10 to 22 years to max out the epic cards. How hilarious is that?


Clash of Clans doesn’t allow you to showcase your skills but in Clash Royale, skills have a major importance in winning a fight.


“Clash of Clans” has been updated last October, so you can enjoy new features and tweaks. Supercell also updates “Clash Royale” on a regular basis, adding more cards and balancing adjustments.

“Clash of Clans” definitely stands out more, although its gameplay is quite a setback. But hey, at least you won’t get old waiting for chests to unlock or maxing out cards.

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