Google Maps Features Shows You How a Location has Evolved in Time and More

We all know that Google Maps has become an essential app when you need to navigate through big cities or you just want to find a particular destination in no time. However, there is more to the app than you might have discovered until now, so join the ride and see some hidden features you may not know!

Share location with friends

If you’re up for a meeting with your friends in the city, it is really easy to share with them your location in real time, so that you can find each other faster.

Time Travel

This is a desktop feature that allows you to observe how a certain location has evolved in time. You just have to find the location on Street View and then click on the timestamp on the upper left area. If there are older photos of the location, you can see data from as back as 2007.

See an active volcano

An interesting and educational function is the one that allows you to see inside an active volcano. Thankfully, you won’t be injured in the process, since Maps lets you do so with the help of satellites. Just look for the Marum crater on Ambrym.

Check your past locations

If your Location History feature is turned on, then you can see all the places you’ve been to. In the app, you can check the menu and then select “Your timeline”. You can also turn off this feature in Google Settings.

Find where you parked your car

Finally this issue has a solution, since now you can tap a blue dot on the app in order to make it memorize the location of your car. Of course, you have to have driving set as your main mode of transportation, but it’s easy to do so.

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