Google Pixel 3 Leaks Update – When Will it be Released?

HTC managed to score a manufacturing deal for 2 years for Google Pixel’s phones, and this means that Pixel 2 handsets are bound to also become HTC creations. A fresh report shows that a number of phone makers, including HTC, have already engaged into a battle, fighting to win orders of the Google Pixel 3 series of phones scheduled for release next year.

According to Digitimes, Asia’s Commercial Times is to “blame” for this news, reporting that LG, HTC, Coolpad, and TCL are all competing for the future Pixel orders. The same report suggests that LG appears to be the winner, and the orders are most likely going to reach 5 million units in 2018.

The report also states that the products due this year will be manufactured by the one and only HTC. A while ago, Google confirmed that fact that a Pixel 2 new gen family of products is already in the process of making and it’s programmed for launching this fall. The phones will remain premium gadgets, as Google strives for winning the battle against Samsung, Apple and other players in the field.

HTC has already shipped over 2.1 million Pixel and Pixel XL products, since September 2016. Google even had a tough time meeting the high demand for the famous Pixel as it’s highly loved by its fans.

HTC plans to manufacture 2 versions of the Pixel 2 and Commercial Times confirmed the leaked codenames – Muskie and Walleye. These two came out straight from Google’s forums.

It gets even better, because it seems that Google might already be working on a third device for launching it this year. This might not be a Pixel-branded one. On the other hand, Digitimes did not mention a Google device for 2017, so we can only hope.

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