Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome – Best Stability and Speed Comparison

The most popular Windows 10 tablets, laptops and desktops are obviously flooded with games and apps, but even more obvious is the fact that you definitely surf the web most of the time and Microsoft knows this very well. Microsoft Edge might just be the most ambitious undertaking of the operating systems and the company is hoping that it becomes your choice for browsing.

It has come to an epic battle between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and they both fight for becoming your default web browser.

We have a winner, but we’re not spoiling anything. Check out their features below:


Microsoft Edge replaced the hated and outdated Internet Explorer and that’s a fact. But Google Chrome made a name for itself since 2008 and it’s by far the most popular web browser you can get.

Battery Life, Stability, Speed

The battle between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge for stability and speed has been going on for a long time. The short story is that Chrome is a bit slower than Edge, but the latter can also be quite unpredictable due to its new tech. Chrome can become unstable when there are too many tabs open. Edge battery dies in 9 hours and Chrome’s in only 6.

Features and extensions

Chrome’s extensions library is the best there is, and developers have added thousands of feature additions to this browser. Its younger counterpart obviously lacks such an impressive library of extensions. Edge tries to make up for this with a great number of features made to improve the browsing experience.

Chromecast and Cast Media

Google Chromecast Ultra is only available in Chrome and it lets you send video footage directly to a TV set. You can also send audio to a speaker system. Egde mimics this feature with Cast Media, but finding the compatible hardware to plug into your TV is not as easy as when using Chromecast.

If you’re using Windows 10, chances are you’re safer with Chrome.

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