Nintendo Switch vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One – Hardware, Storage and Improvements Comparison

Nintendo Switch is the company’s brand new console, quite different from the Wii U. You can use it at home on a TV, and you can also take it outdoors, using handheld mode. It also differentiates from other options you can find on the market, but we’ll stick to comparing it with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

  1. Hardware

Nintendo Switch has a mobile processing architecture from Nvidia that is actually a Tegra X1 chipset with a lot of mods. Xbox One S and PS4 offer a more traditional computing power.

The whole meaning of this and how games will run need more time to become clear. What we already know is that unlike the Switch, Xbox One S and PS4 are capable of higher dynamic response graphics. On the other hand, the Switch is great at portability.

  1. Disk Drives & Storage

The Xbox One S and the PS4 both own physical disk drives, and the Nintendo Switch opted for games on cartridge. You can also download games, but it’s not a good idea considering the nasty relation between Nintendo and on-board storage.

The Xbox One is spec’ed up to 2TB, and the latest PS4, up to 1TB. The Switch reaches only 32GB of built-in storage.

  1. Games

As the Nintendo Switch is just starting its journey, the Xbox One S and the PS4 definitely win this one due to their experience which is longer than three years.

  1. Media

Unlike the Nintendo Switch which lacks any services for now, the Xbox One and the PS4 are both great media streamers and also game devices, owning Amazon Video apps and Netflix.

  1. Pricing

For Xbox One and PS4, the prices have dropped enormously since 2013. You’ll find the Xbox at £230 and PC4 around £220. You have to pay £280 for the Nintendo Switch.

  1. Availability

PS4 and Xbox One are currently available, but even if Nintendo Switch is also on sale, the stock is quite poor which means you might have to wait a bit before you get it at your doorstep.

We recommend you wait until Christmas for buying the Nintendo Switch, mostly due to its quite high present price.

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