Nintendo Switch vs. Wii U – Is It Worth The Change?

Some say that Nintendo Switch is the tech giant’s early hit. Before you rush to the store, take a look at how it compares with Wii U, its predecessor.

Sizing & Weight

Both screens are 6.2-inches and they also have the same aspect ratio of 16.9. However, the Wii U is quite larger than the Nintendo Switch. It measures 135mm x 259mm x 23 mm therefore making the 2017 device look quite small at 102mm x 239mm x 14mm. The Nintendo Switch is self-contained and it’s lighter than Wii U.  It weighs 279 grams and the other is 491 grams.

Features & Performance

The Nintendo Switch has a powerful Nvidia chipset similar to GeForce, and its performance resembles the one of the Wii U. The Switch offers 1080p output via a TV, and, if you use it in handheld config, the resolution drops to 900p.

Both consoles have quite small storage; the Nintendo Switch comes with 32GB and the Wii U comes with 8GB or 32GB.

The Nintendo Switch also has Bluetooth connectivity and 802.11 ac WiFi so you might consider upgrading, if these features are important to you.

Gaming & Software

You should forget upgrading to the Nintendo Switch, if you appreciate backward compatibility, because Nintendo switched to cartridges and therefore Wii U’s physical disks won’t be compatible.

The Switch is unfortunately devoid of a vast range of games, but, on the other hand, it could be the platform that will receive in the near future third-party developer support.

Regarding the OS, the Nintendo Switch boasts an intuitive and fast UI, although it lacks some important features. The most shocking one is its ability of saving between the console and the Micro SD card 9.

More essential missing online features have already been promised to the users, but they’ll probably be available via a smartphone app.

Considering all these aspects, we leave the decision of upgrading or not up to you.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch vs. Wii U – Is It Worth The Change?”

  1. I’d wait for the next generation. The first generation Nintendo stuff always looks like a tonka truck next to the second or third gen where they really smooth out the rough edges technologically and aesthetically.

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