Surface Pro 4 New Price Deals and Discounts

Amazon is making a great price offer for the Surface Pro 4 – $673.98. The number is under retail with $126 and under Microsoft’s own price with $26. This is not the first time that the entry-level Surface Pro is seeing price cuts, but we have to admit that this is indeed the best deal that the 2-in-1 device has known so far.

The Surface Pro line hasn’t been enjoying updates since 2015 and Microsoft’s new gen 2-in-1 device aka Surface Pro 4 provides everything you need in order to complete all your basic daily tasks. Surface Pro 4 features Intel’s 6th-gen processors and an amazing 12.1-inch Pixel Sense display.

The configuration we can currently find on the market is an entry-level one and it includes the following specs: 0.9-GHz m3 CPU, a 12-inch 2737 x 1824 resolution touchscreen LCD, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD. The rear camera has 8MP, the front camera is a 5MP one and both of them support USB 3.0 connectivity and also a SD card slot.

The current offer does not also include the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover but this is not a problem as it would add more to the final price and we’re talking about $129.99. The best part is that it includes the Surface Pen.

Paying $673.98 for Surface Pro 4 gets you the best deal ever for this device and you can also enjoy the fact that it’s $100 cheaper than the ones offered by competitors such as the 12-inch iPad Pro. If you think this is not enough for your needs and you want a boost, you can get extra power by upgrading to the Core i5/8GB RAM/256GB model which can be found at $954.77. This is also a cool offer, as it’s $245 off. As you can see, both options come with great price deals, so hurry up and purchase your favorite.

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