WhatsApp Confronting the British Government

Currently, it seems that Facebook is confronting some serious calls from the lawmakers in Great Britain in order to make their messaging service, WhatsApp, available to the intel services, in the light of the recent terrorist attack that took place in London.

Who Is Asking This to Facebook?

Amber Rudd, who works as the UK Home Secretary issued a call on Facebook and on other app makers to open up their encrypted message services to the intelligence agencies, with the purpose of preventing any future terrorist attacks. According to The Guardian, the home secretary said it’s unacceptable for the British government not to have access to the messages sent via these apps.

The official declared that it is possible that in the future the authorities will issue a law that will allow intel agencies to read the encrypted messages. This idea comes after Khalil Masood, who is responsible for the attack last Wednesday, had been using WhatsApp before the attack took place.

Security or privacy?

Since this is the question that is haunting a large part of the Western world given the fight against terrorism, it naturally appears in this context too. A huge part of the population agrees that law enforcement institutions should gain access to the encrypted messages app, there is also another voice claiming that it is an exaggeration to give a government this power.

There have also been lots of such discussions in the past regarding the relationship between Apple Inc. and the FBI in the US. They argued over the possibility for the FBI to gain access to the locked devices in the US. The tech giant declared that if they did so, they would violate the rights of their customers. As such, the FBI had to pay for a special software to decrypt the information.

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