Windows 10 Pro vs. Enterprise – Which Works Best for You?

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s newest OS and it has reached a market share of more than 25% after a few years since it was launched. This is definitely the future, so, if you haven’t already upgraded, then you probably will and you’ll do it pretty soon.

Organizations have two realistic options to choose from when upgrading to Windows 10: Windows 10 Professional and Windows 10 Enterprise. Let’s strip both to the core.

Windows 10 Pro

This is the perfect solution for small organizations that want an upgrade with easy migration capability and boosted security. The management-related features and its productivity are also catchy. Concerning the security issue, Windows 10 Pro includes some new features such as virtualization-based security.

Here’s Windows 10 Pro feature-set you need to consider:

  • Productivity and user experience: Windows Ink, Cortana, voice, touch, pen, gesture, tablet mode, Live Tiles, Start menu, Continuum for phones;
  • Deployment/Management: group policy, Assigned Access, Windows store, mobile management, Azure Active, shared PC config, dynamic provisioning;
  • Security: Windows Hello, trusted Boot, device encryption, BitLocker, information protection;
  • Fundamentals: Domain Join, remote desktop, enterprise mode Internet Explorer, client Hyper-V.

Windows 10 Enterprise

It comes with Windows 10 Pro’s available features and more, making it the best option for medium and large businesses. You must previously install Windows 10 Pro before you get it, and it’s exclusively distributed with Microsoft Volume Licensing Program.

Windows Enterprise’s key feature is Direct Access permitting remote users to access internal networks. AppLocker allows restriction of app access on mobile devices.

The features that are available in addition to the ones of Windows 10 Pro are the following:

  • Deployment/Management: AppLocker, DirectAccess, managed user experience, Microsoft user Environment Virtualization, Microsoft Application Virtualization;
  • Security: Device Guard and Credential Guard;
  • Fundamentals: Branchcache, Windows to Go.

As a conclusion, if you’re in a small business, you’ll be satisfied with Windows 10 Professional, but Windows 10 Enterprise has a higher score due to its advanced features, so if you’re looking for more complex environment features choose the second.

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