Minecraft Console Update Released With a Time Attack Mode

Two days ago, Minecraft received an update that draws upon the addition of Elytra, which took place in the Christmas update. The team brings a full launch track that found its inspiration in the Cavern map, on the Battle mode. In the future, the developers plan to bring more maps, both as part of the Season Pass and for free.

Up until now, we have received confirmation for the themes of the paid maps, such as Chinese Mythology, krakens, glaciers and beasts. There is also a confirmation for a map that draws inspiration from the Temple, and it will come together with mines, jungles or archeological sites.

Time Attack Mode

The new mini game added, titled Glide, comes together with a Time Attack mode, that challenges you to score the quickest times by using the thermal drafts, shortcuts and speed boosters. However, it’s not going to be that easy to find shortcuts and to master them, so if you want to win you will need all the patience and determination you have.

Score Attack Mode

There is also another mode, the Score Attack, that is included with the Glide mini game. This one relies on flying through some rings that receive a color based on their degree of difficulty: green means it’s easy, yellow – medium and blue – hard. Each color represents a different route, but they overlap, so that you can switch between them or simply remain to one color.

Other Additions

Besides the two modes, the Minecraft update also comes with an increase in the max number of Xbox One players that are allowed in a Battle or in the Glide lobby, so that now they can be 16. Starting with March 28, you can find the Glide mini game on all the console editions of the popular game Minecraft.

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