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Minecraft Discovery 1.1 Update Soon To Be Released With New Features

Minecraft for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition seems to be waiting for a big update which is scheduled pretty soon. The developer posted on their blog that we should expect many “mysterious and wondrous things” to be uncovered.

The Discovery Update 1.1 will be bringing fans more features to enjoy, and it will also draw them deeper into the game’s huge world of blocks.

Here are the main novelties we expect to see:

  • Woodland Mansions adventures: you’ll be able to trade with the new cartographer in order to get the treasure maps; follow them as they’ll lead you to the woodland mansion. You’ll also have to battle the villain villagers so you can claim your treasure – the fantastic Totem of Undying.
  • Intense exploration: you’ll be able to collect Shulker Boxes; you’re going to be seeing some great llamas around the wilderness and you’ll be able to make llama trains (what more could you possibly want from a game); you can dye beds, smelt ingots (this way you can reclaim materials from tools), build structures with concrete blocks and glazed terracotta, and so on. You’ll also be able to enchant your stuff with Mending or Frostwalking.
  • Add-ons: movement becomes data-driven, in other words, you’ll be able to create remixed movement properties.
  • Adventure mode: this third gameplay mode is cool for players who like making custom games and also scenarios.

The Discovery Update 1.1 has similarities with the Exploration Update released for PC users in November 2016. More details about this are expected in the near future, but it’s already a fact that the Discovery Update 1.1 is going to be launched this spring and it’s going to be available in beta mode for access for those who play Pocket Edition on Android.

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