Samsung Galaxy J7 vs. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime – Difference in Specs and Features

You really want to but the newest 2016 Samsung’s Galaxy J7, but can’t help noticing Galaxy J7 Prime’s success. Obviously you can’t just ignore the good reviews and you find yourself wondering and weighing the decision 10 times a day: which one should you get? We hope that our mini-review of the two will help you decide upon the best option for your needs.


They’re different in name, but the same in size.


The Galaxy J7 is 3 grams lighter than its counterpart, but as you can imagine, this is not even noticeable.

Screen resolution & screen protection

Samsung J7 Prime can be quite proud of its 401 ppi pixel density, unlike Samsung J7 2016 model which only has 267 ppi pixel density.

The screen protection seems to be better in Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, as it packs a Gorilla Glass.


Both of Samsung devices have octa-core CPUs, and the same Exynos 7870 Octa chipset, so, you don’t have to worry about choosing the best performance between the two.

Cameras, video features and battery

The battery, the video features and the cameras are the same for both phones. There is still a slight difference: the J7 Prime has a secondary better camera of 8MP, compared to the 5MP one you’ll find in the J7.

SIM Cards

The J7 Prime is able to support 2 SIM cards in each of its variations, and the J7 version can also be found as a single-SIM option.

The verdict

It all comes to this: if you already own a 2016 Samsung J7 and you’re thinking about upgrading, the J7 Prime is not the best option for your needs, because of its lack of considerable improvements. J Prime has been released in September as a better version of J7 2016 model, but in fact, this might have to do with the great popularity and reviews that J7 was already enjoying. So, basically, Samsung gets extra profits by releasing a similar model with just a few updates.

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