WhatsApp Web Tips – Logging Out By Clearing the Browser History and More

WhatsApp Web represents a very convenient manner to use one of the most popular messaging apps on the desktop or laptop. This also applies to the WhatsApp version for Windows PC and Mac, and what’s more important, the web version helps our productivity, since we don’t need to stop and check our phone every 10 minutes. However, what if you want to log out from WhatsApp Web? Check out these three solutions!

Sign Out

If you still have access to the computer you want to sign out of, you just have to click the three vertical dots menu found on the top right corner of the sidebar on the left. The button is above the conversations list. Just click on Log out and the session will be ended. If you open the WhatsApp Web app again, it will prompt you to scan the QR code again.

Log Off Remotely from Android and iOS

If you don’t have access to the computer where you were logged in on, then you can do this remotely as well from Android and iOS apps. Open the WhatsApp messenger on the smartphone you have and go to Settings ->WhatsApp Web/Desktop. Here you see all the active sessions, so you can select Log out from all computers, or just choose the ones you want to sign out and choose Log out.

Clear the Browser History

Clearing the browser history will automatically log you off from WhatsApp Web. An alternative, if you don’t want to delete the entire browser history, is to only delete the history for the messaging app. You can find online several tutorials, either for removing a website on Firefox or on Chrome, so you just have to follow them and within minutes you can log out from that particular computer.

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