Clash of Aliens is Clash of Clans Without the Wait Time

While free mobile games are a favorite among many gamers, with strategy names such as ‘Clash of Clans’ and ‘Clash Royal’ having a player base of millions worldwide, there are also some complaints regarding the genre. For one, what gamers hate the most about these types of games is the wait time you have to put in in order to perform certain operations. This is a great concern especially among older, more seasoned gamers who are already used to paying an average of 50 dollars on a game they can play whenever they want.

‘Clash of Aliens’: No More Waiting Around

The solution that developers came up with is exactly what gamers had been asking for: an empire building strategy game that, while not completely free of charge, has removed the hassle of IAP and timers. So they created ‘Clash of Aliens’, which has been dubbed as being ‘Clash of Clans’ without all the waiting around, and it proved to be exactly that. For just $1.99 and no further in-app purchases, you can enjoy a good strategy mobile game and not have to wait tremendous amounts of time for your units to be created and deployed and so on.

After a quick look at the game’s trailer, you will probably realize that the almost 2-dollar price tag is a bargain, judging by the fact that it keeps all the best elements of similar games, while taking out the tedious and much-hated timers. Unfortunately, the game has seen little traction since its launch, but here’s to hoping that will change soon, because ‘Clash of Aliens’ is a mobile game that is truly worth trying out. And, when considering that the developers gave fans exactly what they wanted, it’s an even bigger shock it hasn’t broken the Internet yet.

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