Google Drive – Find Out All the Tips and Possibilities

For many people whose work involves heavy document writing, be it translating, writing up contracts, doing freelance work or even writing papers for college, Google Drive has become a strong ally. The advantage with Google Drive is that it’s the safest and most effective way to back up your work, because it all happens online. While, at first, many were suspicious and didn’t quite want to believe that documents can be kept safe online, we have since then understood that Google Drive can help us tremendously even in a worst case scenario such as a hard-drive burnout.

Born from Modest Beginnings

Not many of us know this, but Google Drive was actually born from a small little independent endeavor named Writely. Writely was launched in 2005 by a minuscule four-person company called Upstartle, and it functioned on the then-revoltuionary AJAX browser technology that allowed users to instantly save their work and retrieve it at any time from the server it was stored on. Less than a year later, Upstartle was purchased by Google.

Google Drive, Man’s Best Friend

Google Drive has since then grown and improved tremendously, and now offers an entire array of office tools to choose from, such as Docs, Slides, Sheets and even the ability to draw online. Its huge success in the online community has even pushed Microsoft to launch its Office Online versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and so on in order to keep up with the strong competition Drive had started to impose.

Tips and Benefits

All in all, Google Drive surely comes with many benefits. Here are a few tips on how to achieve them:

  • Collaborate with others to the fullest;
  • Share your documents with the world by making them public;
  • Decide who has access to your documents and who doesn’t by setting a custom privacy level;
  • Maintain constant quality communication with collaborators;
  • And many, many more possibilities.
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