Google Play Store Free Week App – What to Choose?

If you love freebies, and honestly, who doesn’t?, you should read on to find out more about the newest Google Play Store project. Recently, the tech giant has introduced a Free scheme for whoever is using an Android phone. The best thing here is the fact that you can download one paid app for free every week!

How to take advantage of it?

If you want not to miss this great offer, you should head down to the Google Play Store. There you will see the new option, Free App of the Week, that will allow you to download an app that usually costs you money for free. Even better, the app can cost any amount.

One report has shown that the app available for free last week was the Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords, which usually costs Rs. 10 in India. This week, the app on offer is Card Wars – Adventure Time, which costs Rs. 200, so you can say that’s a real deal!

What should you choose?

Now is the time to remember what apps you wanted to use for a long time now, but couldn’t afford to buy them or simply you didn’t want to spend any more money. Since it’s not an unlimited offer, you can save up money for the most interesting or expensive apps.

But what does Google win from here?

Indeed, they might lose some money on the way, but they are also getting other advantages. For example, they are promoting the app and they are winning customers by letting all the users download apps for free. However, it isn’t the first time Google tries to do something like that. A couple of years go, they tried to bring this feature to some users, but they eventually quit the idea at the time.

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