iPad Pro 2 Update – When Are We Getting It?

From what it seems, Apple may become ready to revive their production line with the new iPad Pro. The earliest release date that has been circulating is the next month. Just after the recent refresh Apple prepared for their iPad Air product, Rhoda Alexander, who is an IHS analyst, reports that the company is ready to begin the limited production of a 10.5 inch model of the iPad Pro 2. Despite the fact that there is no official release date for this product, people think that Apple will announce it at the opening of their Apple Park in the beginning of April.

Rumored release date

Even if there is no other official information, many people think that we will also get to see a bigger 12.9 inches product that resembles more the first version of the iPad Pro. Apparently, the two models will be released in the US as a limited run, and only then they will see their global release.

Rumored specs

Previously, Ming-Chi Kuo, the famous Apple analyst who works at KGI Securities, declared that the two devices will run on the A10X processor, which is drawn from the one that exists in the current iPhone 7. Up until now, he had been talking about a 9.7 inches iPad pro version that runs on the A9 CPU found on the iPhone 6S model. However, this proves to be the 9.7 inches version of the iPad Air that was released in March.

What we can do for now is to wait for the company to make the official announcement of their plans. Until then, we have to doubt everything we hear, since there are lots of rumors going around. Even if many despise the idea of waiting even more for a product, truth is that we have to allow the developers the time they need to create something beautiful.

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