Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Vs. Apple iPad Pro 2 – What We Know so Far?

From what we see until now, 2017 is going to be a great year in what concerns the gadgets around. Two of the most awaited ones are the Apple iPad Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 5. Needless to say, there are lots of rumors and speculations regarding the device that is going to be the most successful out of the two.

Microsoft seems to have played the cards regarding the 2-in-1 device that brings together both a laptop and a tablet. Moreover, this idea seems to have received particularly good feedback from people all around the world. Meanwhile, Apple is also competing for success this year, as always, by announcing they will create a similar combination between a PC and laptop pretty soon.

Various reports are showing that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 runs on the 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake CPU, which is the latest model. This feature will also make the battery stronger and with a longer life. From what it seems, the team decided to make this change as a consequence of the battery issues that were reported with the previous device, the Surface Pro 4.

Apple is also hitting the market with their iPad Pro 2 model, which will come in three versions: 9.7 inches, 12.9 inches and 10.5 inches. It will run on the A10X CPU, which is strong and reliable, making the iPad Pro stronger by 80%. Tabcult showed that each of the versions will have an A11 chip set together with 3 GB RAM. Moreover, the storage space is confirmed to be limited to 32/128/256 GB.

According to a report published by Tech Radar, the device will be released in the Q1 of this year, so we shouldn’t have to expect much longer before we can enjoy the new technologies 2017 will bring.

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