Pokémon Go Major Update to Bring Team Changes

According to the latest news, it seems that the Pokémon Go will receive a major update sometime in the near future, which will change how Teams function in this game.

As you already know, the Pokémon Go players were “forced” to choose between one of the three factions in early stages. Unfortunately, it seems that the impact of that decision has disappointed many fans of game. In other words, the only role that the different factions play in Pokémon Go is over which Gym you want to battle with.

However, it seems that this will most likely change once a new major update will be released. According to reports, Niantic is currently working on an important Pokémon Go update, which will drastically change the role Teams Play. Aside from this, the developers will also bring some new gameplay features, which will surely please the fans.

One of the changes that the new Pokémon Go update will come with is how the map looks, with area being painted in the color of the team that’s controlling the surrounding Gym. You will also be able to see Gyms sharing links over distances, which will surely be a good addition to the game. At the same time, rumors say that the developers are working on a “Team Missions” feature, which will surely bring many players back to this game.

To make things even better, there are chances that the developers will actually release the first Legendary Pokémon, but Niantic has not confirmed anything about this yet. The mentioned Pokémon Go update will most likely be released sometime later this year and it might also bring some kind of new special event that will have a teamwork as its theme.

We remind you that the developing company has over 70 people in all departments, who are now focusing on launching Gen 2 Pocket Monsters and providing more multiplayer features to this game.

The “Water Festival” event that has just ended has clearly showed that the players are still interested into the game when it comes with to new challenges. So, this major update will surely bring back a part of the hype from when the Pokémon Go was launched.

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