PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One S – Take Your Pick Based on New Updates

The console market is usually pretty slow, as you have to wait for five to ten years to have a glimpse of a next-get console. Let’s have a quick look at updated consoles PS4 Pro and Xbox One S.


PS4 Pro

  • 6 x 12.8 x 2 inches;
  • custom processor of 8 cores single-chip, x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”;
  • AMD Radeon based graphics engine and 4.20 TFLOPS;
  • Memory of 8GB GDDR5;
  • Hard drive of 1TB;
  • It supports DVD playback and Blu-Ray;
  • 4K gaming;
  • 4K videos – streaming only.

Xbox One S

  • 9 x 11.5 x 2.5 inches;
  • 75GHz AMD 8-core APU;
  • 914 MHz AMD Radeon GCN;
  • Memory of 8GB DDR3;
  • Hard drive of 500GB or 1TB;
  • It supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray and DVD playback;
  • 4K gaming, only upscaled;
  • 4K video – streaming and UHD Blu-Ray.


The Xbox One S wins the design area, being smaller and having a cute white color.

4K Support

This one’s kinda tricky, because, from a gaming perspective, the PS4 Pro wins, as on Xbox One S games will only be upscales to 4K resolution. On the other hand, considering 4K entertainment, the Xbox One S wins supporting 4K video streaming, and also UHD Blu-Ray playback.


As you can already see from the specs, Sony is the winner in the performing section.


Both consoles seem to have pretty tweaked controllers. Xbox One S features a textured grip to its controller, and also a useful built-in headphone jack. A great thing is the fact that you can create your own custom designed controller.

PS4 Pro has a small window on the touchpad for letting light from the Light Bar through, and some users think this can distract you, instead of just being cool.

Cost and Release Date

The Xbox One S is already available in two options: a 500GB one at £249 and a 1TB one for £299.
The PS4 Pro will only be available from November 10 for one size – 1TB for £349.
Well, what do you think? Which one suits you better?

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