WhatsApp Best Tips on Siri And How to Mention a Person in a Group Chat

WhatsApp is definitely one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, having more than 1.2 billion active users. From a basic app that relied on text status updates, now this beloved app has come to be an app that also integrates audio and video calls. But there are lots of tips and tricks not everybody is aware about, so you should check out this interesting list!

See who has been following your status update

In order to find out who were the people that saw your updates, you should go to the Status tab and click on the status update. If you swipe up on the number of views, you can see every contact in your list who saw the status.

Use Siri to send messages on WhatsApp

A major update brought by iOS 10 was more functionalities for Siri. If you hold down the home button on the iPhone in order to activate Siri and then tell her to send a WhatsApp to a certain contact, the AI will ask you what you what to send and then send it.

Mention a person in a group chat

When you are in a group chat, you can add the @ symbol and the name of the person you want to mention if you want to get his/her attention. They will receive a direct notification, and it will definitely be easier to communicate with each other on the chaos in the group.

Star a particular message

If you want to come back later to a particular message, whether it contains important information or directions, you can just hold down the message and you will see several options. From there, you just have to choose the star one. You will later find the message in the “starred messages” section on the sender contact page.

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