Creators Update to Brings Windows 10 Back on Air

While Windows 10’s user base rapidly grew when it was first released, mostly because it was free and all new devices (forcibly) came with it, recent months have saw its usage rates stagnate. It’s no secret anymore, Microsoft’s new OS is struggling, due to lack of user interest to install the product. Windows 10 reached a 25 percent market share in January, but little has changed since, with it even losing some ground in February, and making only minor gains in the month of March. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Windows 7 seems to become more and more popular, being many users’ OS of choice still.

No Match for Windows 7

Other versions of Windows, such as Windows 8x, Windows 8.1 and the now-ancient Windows XP are also unable to match the vast interest in Windows 7 users still present. At least Windows 10 is still around a steady 25 percent, with almost 20 percentage points over its brethren. But that’s still not impressive by any means.

The Creators Update, Windows 10’s Last Chance

However, hope is not yet lost. The Windows 10 Creators Update will begin to roll out on April 11, or you can install it manually beginning with April 5, and it might be just the big break Windows 10 needed. There are high chances that, through this update, Microsoft will manage to get user interest in Windows 10 to peak again, and maybe its market share will also grow.

While it’s pretty obvious that Windows 7 is Microsoft’s most beloved OS yet, it’s also true that many people haven’t given Windows 10 a shot yet because, let’s facing, installing a new version of Windows can sometimes be a very tedious task. Therefore, the Creators Update might be just what the OS needed to raise interest. I guess we’ll just have to wait for April 11 to find out.

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