Facebook Messenger App Stops Working – What’s The Problem?

The Facebook Messenger app is one of the most widely used instant messaging apps on the planet. If you’ve got a smartphone and a Facebook profile (and who doesn’t have one these days, let’s be real), then chances are you also installed the Messenger app. While Facebook almost coercively prompting the app onto users irritated many, in the end we all benefitted from how comfortable and fun having it around is. After all, how could ever send messages without those cute stickers now? Facebook Messenger’s got us hooked, that for sure.

The app even doubles up as Snapchat now due to its relatively new stories feature (which can also be found on the regular Facebook app, as well as on Instagram and even WhatsApp). All in all, the Messenger app is pretty great. However, many users have reported some issues with it, especially during the last month. If you are an avid Messenger user, then you most likely also experience the app crashing or encountering dubious issues at least once in the past month.

Why Is It Happening?

According to Facebook’s own blog, this is just an issue created by system maintenance. The social media company is now ending support for older versions of the app, and plans to finish the job by the end of March. Seeing how the month of March already ended, a great number of devices will be naturally affected by it. Therefore, using an older version of the Facebook or Messenger app means that the apps will work less effectively from now on, or even not at all.

Therefore, we suggest you update your apps to the latest versions, in order to avoid further inconveniences. However, if your device cannot support the latest version, you can always migrate towards Facebook Lite, or use Facebook on your preferred browser.

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