Google Chrome Update Available With Incognito Feature, Voice Search and More

Everybody knows that Google Chrome download is secure, and this is one of the most successful browser in the history of Internet. Besides being safe, it is also free and modern, suitable for our times. It is really easy and fast to browse on your Android and iOS devices. Moreover, it brings lots of features and functionalities, which is why it gets downloaded by thousands and millions of people.

The latest version of the Google Chrome browser is designed to offer its users an awesome browsing experience. It brings minimal design and new technologies for a better user experience on the browser.

What are the new features?

  • Saving data. The new Google Chrome download for iOS and Android helps you cut down on mobile data usage even by 50% while you are browsing!
  • Faster process. While you type, you will see the search results that appear so that you can choose faster from them. Moreover, you have quick access to the pages you have previously opened.
  • Sync on several devices. You can find the same tabs and bookmarks and access them instantly on your laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Now you can read pages in other languages with the help of the Translate feature.
  • The browser offers you the Incognito feature, where your searches are not saved to history.
  • Intuitive Gestures. If you have lots of tabs opened, you can flip quickly through them if you swipe from side to side with the help of the toolbar.
  • Voice Search. Google voice search is a useful tool that allows you to quickly find answers and useful information without even having to type. It is particularly helpful when you are driving or you don’t have the time to type in all the words you need, so you can just ask the device directly.
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