Minecraft Pocket Discovery Update Available with New Changes and Fixes

Soon, the Windows 10 and the Pocket Editions of Minecraft will receive the Discovery Update, wearing the number 1.1. Mojang declared that the title has a reason behind it: there are lots of mysteries and great things to be discovered.

What’s new?

The update comes together with new enchantment, llamas and more! Mojang wrote a post about the update and uncovered more details about the update. Among the things they brag about you can find bartering with a cartographer and gaining a treasure map, using a llama for packing up and going on a great quest for the forest mansion.

The new enchantments include the Enchantment of Frostwalking, which will help you cross an impassable river or the Enchantment of Mending that helps you keep the sword sharp all the time. In the mansion you will find the dangerous illagers, from whom you have to steal the Totem of Undying. More dangers await you on the quest, so you have to be prepared!

If you’re more the crafting type, there are good news for you too! Now with the new update, you can smelt ingots, dye beds and build new blocks from concrete and glazed terracotta. On the other hand, if you like experiments, you can also enjoy an expansion of add-ons suitable for every taste; for example, you have the possibility of remixing the movement properties of the mobs.

The post published by the developers shows that the update will be available soon enough as a beta version for testing, but only for the Android users. We have no precise release date except for the “soon” mention, and there is no other information about the date when it will reach consoles. However, Mojang promised to bring us more information in the upcoming days, so you should stay tuned!

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