Windows XP Loses More and More Ground to Windows 7 and 10

Users’ operating system preferences seem to be shifting rapidly from one month to the other, but the sole disadvantaged party here seems to be Windows XP, Microsoft’s once-revolutionary, now-ancient and obsolete desktop OS. At the opposite pole, we have Windows 7 vastly commanding the market, with the newer Windows 10 coming in at a close second. According to the statistics provided by NetMarketShare, the two variants’ popularity levels seem to increase more and more each month.

Windows 7, King of the OS

Since last month, Windows 7’s percentages on the market have grown by 1.01 percentage points, with the popular OS now ranking at a share of 49.42% of the market. Windows 10 has also grown from last month’s registered value of 25.19% to a close, yet significant 25.36% this proves that, while Windows 7 is currently the king OS on the market, commanding almost half of it (only 0.58 percentage points to go till then), things may change in the near future. After all, Windows 10 is the newest and shiniest addition to Microsoft’s OS family, so it will have a lot of chances to excel in the future.

Mac Also on the Rise

However, perhaps the most impressive statistic is Mac OS X 10.12 growth in share percentages since last month, with the OS now ranking at a 3.22%. This might not seem like a lot, but trust as when we say it is, especially in a market supra-saturated by Microsoft products. While Microsoft is a company that constantly pushes out reliable operating systems that make your PC or laptop function at its highest potential, it’s really refreshing to see Apple’s brand-exclusive OS on the rise as well.

Of course, things might be different again next months. Who can tell what the future of holds?

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