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Best VPN Services for Internet Privacy Protection

A virtual private network can protect your Internet privacy, and it will definitely keep hackers and regular snoopers away. Using encryption technology, a VPN creates a virtual tunnel between your device and a VPN server which protects your traffic information. Your traffic will emerge without any signs of identity or connection.

VPN services main issues

VPN services are also used for P2P traffic and for watching streaming video services in areas where these are not available.

There might be one issue with VPN services and it revolves around the question whether they can track you or not. They keep their own records of your online surfing, so it’s very important to check your VPN’s terms and policies regarding keeping logs of your online activity. If you find out that they do, look for other service.

Another important thing is that you become aware of the fact that VPN services will lead to a decline in your Internet speed.

Most VPN services require installing an app on your device, and they also usually charge you for their services. Some free VPN services include Hotspot Shield, Spotflux, TunnelBear and Steganos Online Shield. Even if you decide choosing a paid service, it’s recommended that you try out its free trial first. Some great paid VPN services include Banana VPN, Private Internet Access VPN, ZenMate, StrongVPN and NordVPN. The price is usually less than $10 a month.

VPN alternatives

You’ll find other services similar to VPNs and one of them is a free web proxy, a server that facilitates the connection between a website and yourself. Unfortunately, 75% of free web proxies have turned out to be untrustworthy.

Another privacy solution is known as Tor – a software that can hide your identity, by moving and encrypting traffic. On the other hand, Tor might not be as secure as it seems considering the fact that it was cracked.

The safest solution for internet privacy protection definitely remains a fast trustable VPN provider.

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Will Moore
Will Moore

One of the best service I’ve tried is TracelessVPN, it is very fast and easy to set up. Also offers all security protocols, so I would say it’s a good and safe choice.


Don’t recommend free VPNs they are rarely worth it. Just get something like LiquidVPN, AirVPN or Mullvad


I use ExpressVPN and it’s the best vpn service to me, provides supreme online security and it’s best for anonymous browsing.