Find Out What Type of Online Behavior Makes You Vulnerable to Hackers

With the rise in popularity of doing virtually anything and everything via the Internet nowadays, it’s also very important to keep yourself and your personal data safe from hackers. Unfortunately, it has been discovered that improper digital hygiene on the part of users is the main culprit in hacking cases. Kaspersky Lab, the famed antivirus developers, have conducted a market research whose final results revealed that user attitude towards app maintenance on their devices makes the personal data they store on them vulnerable to various security threats.

Andre Mochola, the Head of Consumer Business over at Kaspersky stated that the most overlooked aspect is the fact that our digital devices actually store precious info, the type of info you most likely wouldn’t want to end up in the wrong hands and be used for malicious purposes. Mochola added that, in order to combat this threat, users need to properly organize, clean and update the apps on all the devices they own.

How to Keep Your Personal Data and Devices Safe from Threats

  • Update your apps as soon as the new versions are launched. This is crucial because the new versions most likely will contain valuable security patches that can either prevent future vulnerabilities or fix old ones.
  • Clean your app caches constantly, because if you don’t, you risk passing along information you wouldn’t want others to have.
  • Change your app settings in order to prevent the apps from having more access than they should. Even if some apps come with some pretty invasive security and data collecting settings, you always have the choice to restrict the app’s access to a level you are comfortable with.
  • Use specialized software in order to identify dubious apps, as well as seldom used ones you can really do without.
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