Google iPad Calendar: The Best Activity Manager Ever?

It’s certainly no secret that, when it comes to tools that help you professionally organize every aspect of your schedule and work, Google’s the most reliable developer. The Mountain View giant led by Tim Cook’s expert hand gave us many useful apps over the years, and they can be used both on desktops and on mobile devices. While Android users are naturally the first to enjoy such technological delights, Google almost never fails to bring out their apps and tools for Apple devices as well, eventually. The only problem is that it usually takes some time for that to happen.

Google Calendar, the Best Activity Manager

Most mobile device users, regardless of the make and model of their favorite gadgets, have to agree upon one thing, namely that Google Calendar is by far the best activity manager ever. While Apple had always offered the option to import dates and details from your Google Calendar to the Apple version of it, the actual Google app made it on iOS only a few years ago. That seems like a lot, especially considering the iPhone is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

Of course, the same importing process could be done on iPads as well. Fortunately, the same upgrade iPhone enjoyed a few years ago is now coming to iPads. The timing seems to be perfect, with Apple having recently released its most budget-friendly iPad to date, whose price point barely exceeds 300 dollars. This is clear sign that the company is planning to make their in-house tablet more and more accessible to a wider audience, and not just die-hard Apple fans.

Although it might be too soon to speculate, we can only assume that Apple devices will become increasingly more Google-friendly. And that’s certainly spectacular news. After all, why should Android users have all the fun?

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