Nintendo Switch 2.1.0 Firmware Update Available with New Features

Good news for Nintendo fans! You can now download the Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 2.1.0! It is the second one after the first Nintendo Switch upgrade that was release back in March. Even so, the new file is quite disappointing in the sense that it doesn’t offer much Virtual Console support. The previous update brought lots of significant features, such as Online gaming, Friend Codes, linking Nintendo accounts or Social Media Support.

What’s new?

If we take a look at the patch notes that were released for this update, we see that one of the most important changes is the fact that it improves the General System Stability, with the purpose of improving the user experience. As such, we can totally declare that it’s a simple, yet welcomed update. Even if it doesn’t bring something entirely new, it stabilizes the general system, which is really useful.

Nintendo has been particularly quiet about the update, and as such we don’t know if the frame rate issue will be solved, or the Joy-Con connectivity issues. There is the possibility that the update will address both the issues, which is awesome. Moreover, there may also be some hidden features coming with Update 2.1.0, but we know of none until now.

Download the Update

Update 2.1.0 will be downloaded and installed automatically on the Nintendo Switch consoles. The patch will run in the background while you download the update and install it. As such, you won’t have to do anything if you’re using a Nintendo Switch, just let it do its thing. Just like with any other OS, the Nintendo one will receive the update and install it in mere minutes.

All in all, it may seem that you are not getting much from this update, but it’s good that the system gets improved and stabilized, so you’ll enjoy a better user experience.

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