Samsung Galaxy S8 Recently Launched Alongside a Really Bad Last Minute Decision

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is the latest hot topic in the tech world, and it truly seems to be worth the talk due to its many amazing features. However, many Samsung fans were disappointed by the company’s last-minute decision to position the fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone, beside the camera, instead of on the screen as it was initially announced.

Cause of the Problem

Samsung have apologized for their last minute decision, and informed the public that the setback was caused by a problem related to the Synaptics technology they were planning to use in order to integrate the fingerprint scanner into the phone’s screen. This was a necessary step triggered by the decision to remove the home button from the new Samsung S8 Galaxy, a decision which has brought the company many bonus points in the design department.

However, it’s true that when you win some, you lose some. In this case, the company seems to have let their customers down with the backside fingerprint scanner, which is reportedly very hard to use, and you end up touching your camera more than half of the time. And, on top of that, the actual area where the scanner is seems to be inconveniently small and has a weird shape. All in all, Samsung’s decision truly is really bad.

However, there is a silver lining to this whole debacle. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 also comes with two revolutionary new scanning options: iris scanning and facial recognition. If the fingerprint scanner is too inconvenient for you, you can always choose one of these other options Samsung has incorporated into their new flagship phone. Pretty cool, huh? You’re guaranteed to feel like a spy from a sci-fi film while using them.

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