Xbox One Useful Tips and Tricks for a Better Use


Here are some must-haves of every Xbox One owner:

  1. Using pins for games & apps.

This offers an easier access to your favorite games and apps, and you can jump to your pins straight from your home screen.

  1. Screenshots & videos

Capture you best moments from a game by pressing the Guide button and tapping Y if you want a screenshot or X in case you desire a video of 30 seconds.

  1. Cortana

You can use Cortana on Xbox one in a similar manner it can be used on Windows 10 devices. You can open games and apps, search the web, take screenshots, turn off the Xbox and more.

  1. Turn your Xbox into a home entertainment hub

Connect your cable/satellite box to the HDMI-in port of your system. You can also plug in a USB TV tuner.

  1. Share clips to Twitter and YouTube

Download the Xbox One YouTube app, log in and select Upload in the main menu. For uploading on Twitter you can use the Game DVR app.

  1. Streaming to Twitch and Beam

The options of broadcasting your gameplay include downloading the free Twitch app or broadcasting straight to Microsoft’s Beam service.

  1. Tracking your achievements

By tapping the guide button and selecting the Achievements tab, you can check your progress. You can also enable the Achievement Tracker from the same menu.

  1. Personalize your Xbox One

You can set a custom background by going to Settings > All Settings > Personalization > My color & background.

  1. Appearing offline

Go to the Guide button > My Profile > Appear Offline.

  1. Customizing your avatar

Open your Xbox avatar from the Games & Apps menu and customize the digital extension of your true self.

  1. Expanding storage

Any external drive with a minimum space of 256GB and a USB 3.0 connection is going to work.

Try all of these tips and let us know what you think.

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