Clash of Clans Strategy And How To Destroy A Town Hall Level 11 Village

Clash of Clans is a very popular mobile strategy game that is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Today we will talk about how you can destroy a TH 11 level village with ease.

Keep in mind that with this strategy, you will want to get 3 stars by using one of the two combos that we will describe below.

Clash of Clans: Bowler-Healer Combo

This combo is formed from 30 bowlers and about 6 to 8 healers (practice and see how many you need to keep your bowlers alive). The tactic is quite simple, as you will need to use your two bowlers on two adjacent corners with 3 to 4 healers behind each group.

First of all, you will have to take down the outer defenses and buildings. You will also have to use a freeze, a jump and a rage spell in order to ensure that this is done with ease. After clearing the corners, you will have to drop the rest of the bowlers behind a few giants (we suggest you to drop your heroes with them also). You can always drop a few more healers in case you feel that they are needed, just to ensure that you destroy the entire base.

Clash of Clans: Bowler-Witch Combo

This is not a very common combo, but it turns out to be quite fun to use. This strategy is similar to the one we’ve told you above, but you won’t waste too many bowlers in the process. The trick is to use your skeletons from witches to tank the most of the damage and keep the bowlers alive. You can also deploy some giants or golem to protect your bowlers initially and then let the skeletons take the damage.

Are you playing Clash of Clans on your mobile device? Tell us your thoughts about the two strategies!

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