DDR5 RAM Comes With Improved Power Efficiency and New Features

If you think that DDR4 is now the latest standard in the industry when it comes to computing memory, you might want to give that a second thought. The latest reports show that JEDEC (which is the world leader regarding the standards development for microelectronics) will show what the next-gen DDR5 can do in June 2017.

More news to come

JEDEC recently announced that they will be working on the final touches of the new standard in 2018. According to them, DDR5 will come with twice the bandwidth and the density offered by DDR4, plus it will bring more power efficiency. We should also expect it to offer an interface that is more user-friendly, both for server and for client platforms. This would mean a bigger productivity over the board. Even so, for now there are no targets or numbers that can prove this information.

2020 release?

One sad thing you should know is the fact that even though it will be the latest standard, the DDR5 will not be available for manufacturing up until 2020. It was the same thing with the DDR4, which became official back in 2012, and now we are also going to wait a couple of years until we can get the new RAM for our computers. But why does this happen? This happens because in order to support the new memory, people need to update the memory controllers in SoCs and processors, and this process usually takes 2-3 years.

However, given the fact that things evolve more and more and faster than we ever thought, we can hope that the new RAM can arrive to some or all the devices before 2020. Meanwhile, Intel, together with other manufacturers, are looking forward to bringing some support for the faster RAM, in order to offer a major upgrade in performance for systems relying on their processors.

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