Google Maps Removed The Parking Reminder Feature

We have some bad news for all Google Maps fans, as one of the most useful new features has just been removed a few hours after being re-added. First of all, we have to mention that Google Maps version 9.49 has brought a new parking reminder feature, which allowed the users to know where they’ve parked their car.

Google already provides an automatic parking reminder, but the new system is allowing the user to include more specific information about where the vehicle is parked. We remind you that Apple has added the parking reminder feature to its own maps application sometime last year and it seems that Google is now trying to catch up.

However, for some reason, Google has decided to ditch this feature, as the latest Google Maps version that was released a few days ago doesn’t have it anymore. However, the feature was never officially announced by the big search company, which means that they could just remove it and don’t give any explanation about it. At the same time, the feature was spotted in a BETA version of Google Maps, which means that it still needs a little more work and that the company will release it once again a bit later.

We also remind you that Google has also added a new tool that is allowing users to share their real time location. This can be a really good addition to the Google Maps application, because your friends and family will be able to know your exact location (as long as you allow them to).

This feature is using the GPS that’s included on all modern smartphones and it is able to pinpoint your exact position in the Google Maps application from your friends’ mobile device.

Do you think that the parking reminder feature will be re-added to the Google Maps BETA version sometime soon?

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