Samsung Galaxy S8 Event Produces Reactions Between The Tech Bloggers

With the first presentation event for the Samsung Galaxy S8 recently taking place in London, many would have expected for quite a bit of hype to for around Samsung’s new addition to its beloved flagship line. Few companies have managed to produce the same amount of excitement with each launch as Samsung has over the years, and it’s no secret that their Galaxy devices have somewhat of a cult following amongst users.

However, as many have reported since the event, the presentation itself was very underwhelming, if not completely disappointing. There were quite a few things that seemed off, wrong or at least lackluster regarding the new phone and the marketing behind it.

Why Did Tech Bloggers Dislike the Event so Much?

If you’re not a tech insider, you might not understand yet why the bloggers and tech reviewers present at the event were so disappointed by the whole thing. The truth is there are quite a few reasons. For one, the phone’s design was revealed to have changed slightly for the worse, with the fingerprint scanner now being beside the back camera, and not inside the screen as previously announced.

However, the general consensus seemed to be that everything happening at the event seemed quite rushed and lacking any sort of substance, therefore not many people were compelled to buy, or even take a look at the new product by the end of it. That’s a shame, especially considering that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a pretty great new phone, if you can get over the whole fingerprint sensor shenanigan. Besides that, the phone also offers iris and facial recognition, is completely waterproof and can support two headsets.

However, it’s also true that there are more budget-friendly options out there, such as the Huawei P10 Plus, who can do basically the same thing (with small exceptions) for a fraction of the price.

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