Android vs. Windows Mobile – Which One is More Popular?

Up until now, we can certainly agree that the Android is one of the most popular OS in the world. It is used by millions of smartphones and its use has expanded to other products, such as tablets, TVs, watches and, why not, cars. From now on, it seems that it is going to become even more popular and it will power more devices.

Dethroning Microsoft

According to a report issued by StatCounter, it is at the moment the most popular OS when it comes to Internet usage. It has finally dethroned Windows from the position of the most popular OS on Web, that is, if you take into account the numbers coming from mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

More exactly, Android owns 37.93% of the Internet usage market share in March, slightly ahead of Windows, which owns 37.91%. It is an important breakthrough for this OS, which 5 years ago scored only 2.4%. Moreover, it is a milestone for the technology industry worldwide too, since it is the first time in forever when Microsoft does not own the dominant OS anymore.

But why does this happen?

There are many causes for this Android success, but one of them is clearly the fact that smartphones have become more and more needed and used by people, and particularly the ones running on Android. Another cause is the fact that Android smartphones have become really popular on Asian markets too, thus increasing the numbers.

However, Microsoft still owns the most popular desktop OS, owning 84% of the global Internet usage market last month. Concerning regions, North America and Europe are still under the tech giant’s grip, since Microsoft surpasses here both Android and iOS. Meanwhile, in Asia, Android has 52.2% of the Internet traffic, more than Windows with 29.2%.

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